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We’ll start by creating concepts for your project, be that branding or a full web application, and you’ll be involved in all the decisions we make to ensure that it really reflects your goals. We love to create beautiful designs but most importantly our websites work for your users.


In our development stage, we take the design and make working prototypes before going to final production. We use the latest web technologies to ensure your website / application is future-friendly and supported by all major browsers today.


More than aesthetics, We want your new website to be more than pretty—it needs to work harder than that to keep your user’s attention and tell your business’s story. To get to the heart of your project, we want you to be involved in every little step, which might involve some tough questions so we can find out what makes your brand tick.

Our Porfolio


ShopHop is the digital platform for you to discover the finest natural, artisanal and homegrown brands across the country. We pride ourselves in sourcing the most innovative brands from homes, kitchens, farms and markets across the country and in showcasing these brands to you.


Arogya Finance

Arogya Finance, co-founded by Mr. Jose Peter and Mr. Dheeraj Batra, is a social healthcare venture, which offers medical loans to the traditionally un-bankable, using innovative risk assessment tools that allows them to finance people outside the formal banking system. Patients borrow from and repay Arogya Finance directly leaving them free to get treated wherever they choose to do so.

Nerd out the tech . Nerd out the awesomeness in you

Why us ?


We're a Web development studio that offers all the creativity and uniqueness your brand craves for . The thinkers with a passion for creating brilliant ideas and transforming them into smart , uncomplicated and well designed experiences. So, here's an idea ! Lets all get awkwOrd and together nerd out some awesome thoughtful ideas that change the way your brand connects with clients.

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Arogya Finance
Get Set Gig
Young Innovators Foundation
Zing Lounge